TRON Achieves First Official AI Partnership with Oraichain


  • TRON has announced its first official A.I. partnership with Oraichain.
  • The partnership will allow for the secure transfer of assets between the two blockchains.
  • The partnership will expand smart contract functionality and open up new use cases.

TRON Announces Artificial Intelligence Partnership

The Tron Foundation has announced its first official artificial intelligence (AI) partnership with Oraichain, a public blockchain that enables smart contracts to request data from AI APIs alongside user-created data requests. The Oraichain uses Cosmos SDK and Terdemint’s Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus to ensure fast transaction confirmation.

TRC20 Token Compatibility Added to OraiBridge

Through this partnership, TRON and Oraichain will work together to foster a community of developers, investors, and enthusiasts who are passionate about the potential of blockchain and AI. With the goal of expanding smart contract functionality and innovating new use cases, they will also provide education resources for developers interested in exploring the technology further. Notably, Oraichain will add TRC20 token compatibility to OraiBridge, allowing for the simple and secure transfer of assets between the TRON blockchain and Oraichain. This will create the opportunity to offer new asset pairs on OraiDEX and open the door to exciting new cross-chain DeFi opportunities.

Tron Network’s Global Use Case Expanded

As a result of this collaboration, the Tron network can process smart contracts payments much faster, thus expanding its global use case. Furthermore, leveraging artificial intelligence could revolutionise cryptocurrency trading by executing automated trades quickly without centralisation hurdles or delays in processing times.

Justin Sun’s Leadership Continues To Deliver Results

Justin Sun continues to lead his firm towards success as it reaches significant milestones in terms of blockchain innovation through partnerships such as these one with Oraichain. Not only is Tron able to build decentralised payment channels free from centralisation hurdles through AI integration but crypto-related tokens have rallied more than other digital assets as a result of this hype surrounding AIs capabilities when it comes to cryptocurrencies.