Save on Ethereum Gas Fees: Use GasHawk to Cut 25-40% off Your Costs!

• GasHawk has released a tool that lets users calculate their savings potential from their Ethereum address.
• This service helps users pay the lowest possible fee for their transactions, saving an average of 25-40%.
• GasHawk is now offering reimbursements up to 51% of the cost of user’s Ethereum transactions.

GasHawk: Helping You Save on Your ETH Transactions

GasHawk is a free service designed to help Ethereum users save money on transaction fees. The team has developed a solution that monitors the network and predicts the optimal time to submit a transaction, saving users an average of 25-40% on fees. Additionally, GasHawk recently launched a feature where users can enter their ENS or public address and be shown how much they have spent in gas fees since EIP1559 and how much they could have saved with GasHawk.

How Does It Work?

GasHawk is designed for transactions with a time window of at least 10 minutes; the longer the deadline, the greater the potential savings. By targeting specifically the lows in gas prices, GasHawk helps users pay the lowest possible fee for their transactions, even during periods of generally lower fees. The service is free to use and is as easy as connecting your Metamask to GasHawk’s RPC. Additionally, an SDK and REST API are available through its docs page.

Giving Back To The Community

GasHawk is non-custodial and aims to help users save money on transaction fees while preparing for future price volatility. In order to give back to its community, GasHawk was recently awarded an ENS Public Goods Small Grant which it will use to reimburse up to 51% of user’s Ethereum transaction costs – on top of any savings already achieved by using Gas Hawk’s services!

Start Saving Now!

To begin saving with Gas Hawk now simply connect your Metamask wallet into its RPC or check out its docs page for more information about using its SDK or REST API features. Additionally, you can enter your ENS or public address into their website directly in order to see how much you have spent in gas fees since EIP1559 compared with what you could have saved if you had been using Gas Hawk’s services instead!


                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gashawk offers a great solution for those looking to save on Ethereum gas fees by predicting optimal times for submitting transactions and providing up to 51% reimbursment on user’s Etheruem transaction costs– all while being non-custodial and freely accessible! Start saving with Gashawk today!