Polygon, Bank of Italy Team Up to Unlock DeFi Security Token Benefits

• The Bank of Italy has selected a decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative involving Polygon Labs and Fireblocks to explore tokenized assets.
• Milano Hub is actively supporting the development of an Institutional DeFi platform for security tokens over a 6-month period.
• Tokenization has the potential to revolutionize value transfer, settlement, and storage across industries.

Bank of Italy Collaborates with Polygon Labs and Fireblocks

The innovation center of the Bank of Italy has selected a decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative that involves the collaboration of Polygon Labs, a developer specializing in scaling the Ethereum network, and Fireblocks, a crypto infrastructure provider. The primary objective of this project is to assist financial institutions in exploring security tokens and conducting transactions using DeFi protocols in a secure and compliant manner. Cetif Advisory is leading the platform development with Polygon Labs, Fireblocks, Reply, Linklaters, and DVRS with an aim to involve Italian banks including Intesa Sanpaolo.

Milano Hub Supporting Institutional DeFi Platform

Known as the Milano Hub, this establishment operates as the central bank’s hub for fostering innovative concepts in finance. For six months, the Milano Hub will actively support the development of an Institutional DeFi for the Security Token ecosystem. The ultimate goal of this platform is to enable traditional financial institutions to safely and compliantly experiment with security tokens and conduct transactions using DeFi protocols.

Central Banks Investigating Blockchain Technology Integration

The project emerges amidst efforts by central banks worldwide to develop central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and investigate methods to integrate blockchain technology into current payment infrastructure. Simultaneously, tokenization has gained significant popularity in cryptocurrency space wherein traditional financial institutions are tokenizing conventional assets like bonds and equities on blockchain platforms. According to Bank America’s report tokenization has potential to revolutionize value transfer settlement & storage across all industries by facilitating faster transactions & reducing expenses while establishing more streamlined financial infrastructure.

Key Players Involved

Cetif Advisory leads this project with other key players such as Polygon Labs, Fireblocks Reply Linklaters & DVRS aiming at involving Italian banks including Intesa Sanpaolo amongst others .


Italy aims bridging gap between traditional finance & DeFI through its collaborations with Polygon Labs & fireblocks while tokenization can bring about significant transformative changes by enabling faster transactions reducing expenses & creating streamlined financial infrastructure .