Multichain Faces Major Security Breach: $122M Loss Halts Operations

• Multichain experienced a major security breach, resulting in $122 million in losses.
• Withdrawals totaling approximately $102 million were observed from Multichain’s Fantom bridge on the Ethereum side.
• Peckshield and Colin Wu have urged the Multichain team to investigate the suspicious transactions.

Security Breach Experienced by Multichain

Multichain, a blockchain platform, recently faced a major security breach leading to losses of approximately $122 million. Withdrawals totaling around $102 million were observed from its Fantom bridgeon the Ethereum side with Dogechain bridge experiencing outflows of $666,000 and Moonriver bridge contracts witnessing outflows totaling $5,872,661. This prompted crypto analysts and blockchain investigators to suspect a possible exploit or hack involving millions of dollars.

Investigation Urged by Security Analysts

Security firm Peckshield shared details of the suspicious transactions on Twitterand tagged the Multichain team urging them to investigate the matter. Renowned crypto analyst Colin Wu also cited data from deExplorer revealing that users had utilized DLN Trade for exchanging assets on the Fantom chain at reduced rates offering an approximate 10% discount. As such, it was clear that an investigation should be launched into this security breach as soon as possible in order to prevent further losses from occurring.

Response From Multichain

In response to these developments, Multichain released an official statement committing itself to investigating all abnormal transactions made across its platform in order to ensure that user funds remain safe and secure. The company has stated that it will take appropriate measures against any malicious actors involved so as to prevent similar incidents from happening again in future. Additionally, they have promised full transparency throughout their investigation process so as to keep users informed about any new developments or updates regarding this case.

Implications Of Security Breach On Platform’s Users

The implications of this security breach are far-reaching for users of the platform who have lost their funds due to this exploit or hack. It is also likely that fear will spread amongst other investors who may start questioning whether or not their funds are safe when kept on blockchain platforms such as Multichain – resulting in a decreased confidence in these types of services overall. Furthermore, it could lead regulators and lawmakers alike towards introducing stricter regulations which could hamper innovation within the industry if enforced too severely


It remains unclear what caused this security breach but what is certain is that it has resulted in significant financial loss for those affected by it as well as having potential long-term implications for other investors using blockchain services such as Multichain going forward. Ultimately though it is now up to Multichain’s team of experts and investigators to uncover what happened here and take appropriate action against any malicious actors involved – ensuring user funds remain secure at all times going forward