: Billion-Dollar Bank Launches Stablecoin on Polygon to Serve Millions

• BTC Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America, has launched BTG Dol, a dollar-backed stablecoin.
• The stablecoin will run on the Polygon blockchain and will have a 1:1 parity with the U.S. Dollar.
• BTG Dol is part of Mynt, BTC Pactual’s digital wallet and lending platform.

Latin America’s Largest Investment Bank Launches Stablecoin

BTC Pactual, Latin America’s leading investment bank, has announced the launch of its first stablecoin – BTG Dol. The dollar-backed stablecoin will be running on the Polygon blockchain and will have a 1 to 1 parity with the U.S. Dollar for efficient alignment between traditional finance markets and new rising digital ecosystems.

BTG Dol Part of Mynt Digital Wallet

BTG Dol is part of BTC Pactual’s own crypto platform called Mynt – a digital wallet and lending platform for consumers & businesses. With BTG Dol customers can easily dollarize their equity without having any security issues as promised by the bank itself.

Advantages Of Using BTG Dol

The head of Digital Assets at BTC Pactual highlights all the advantages that come with using BTG Dol such as easy access to investing in dollars and gaining swift access to it. André Portilho stated that “when buying BTG Dol investors have access to an easier, safer and smarter way to invest in dollars”

About BTC Pactual

BTC Pactual is one of Brazil’s largest banking institutions and also specializes in investment banking as well as wealth and asset management services including corporate lending, sales ,trading services & advisory services like wealth planning loans & financings etc..


The launch of this dollar-backed stable coin provides another example of how financial technology can benefit customers by providing them with faster & more secure ways to invest in dollars efficiently through the use of cryptocurrency solutions like BTG DOL from BTC Pactual which is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst people wanting access to sound investments