Atari CEO: “buying Bitcoin is highly speculative”

Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari, says the company aims to form a complete ecosystem, encompassing both video games and blockchain.

On cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, that said, he thinks it is still a highly speculative industry.

Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari, answered a few questions from BeInCrypto.

The company Atari, mainly known to the general public for its video games, has also been touching blockchain technology and the crypto sector for some time.

Fred Chesnais, CEO of the company, has openly declared to be a “ big supporter of the blockchain ”. Likewise, Atari now has its own token , in addition to trying out innovations between games, crypto and blockchain. By answering a few questions from Immediate Edge app, Mr. Chesnais however wanted to say that the cryptocurrency world remains very speculative.

A complete ecosystem

Regarding Atari’s various projects, including a crypto wallet under development , according to Mr. Chesnais, it is about offering the public “a complete ecosystem, bringing together different games and services under the Atari brand”.

Regarding the creation of the Atari token, this token would mainly aim to be an “additional tool […] allowing us to offer more games and to form partnerships”. In this regard, Mr. Chesnais added:

“For example, we are going to announce that Atari is sponsoring car races on the blockchain ”.

Having said that, he recognizes that the traditional “gamer” audience is totally different from those interested in blockchain games, both “in terms of age, expectation and type of game”.

“To this day,” he added, “blockchain players are (in my opinion) players who play management (Football Manager type) or simulation games”.

Bitcoin, a speculative asset

Contrary to the current trend in many institutions , Atari preferred not to invest part of its cash in BTC .

Fred Chesnais explains that the management of the company and the management of the funds entrusted by the shareholders „are two different subjects“, noting that „the purchase of Bitcoin is highly speculative „. This is why the company prefers to resell any payments in Bitcoin or other digital currencies in order to convert them into euros or dollars, bull run or not.

For some, this approach could make sense, especially following the recent drop in prices for the entire crypto market, recalling that volatility remains an undeniable characteristic of the sector.